Fruityfriendly and our story


Our story started as colleagues in a larger company in 2016. We met randomly in the kitchen and quickly found out that we had the same interest in diet and lifestyle. Both with health care background and interest in diet, we again met as partners in something that would result in the founding of fruityfriendly in 2018. The start of an idea quickly developed into a product. We have continued our interest in diet and lifestyle to a product with fun and playful design. Imagine eating healthy while making fun, colorful and creative foods. Fruityfriendly want to encourage a better lifestyle by adding vibrant colors and being creative in the kitchen. A healthy diet can help us live longer, and fruityfriendly is proud to be able to contribute this through its color and nutritional products.


Follow our story and join creating colorful memories! We like that our Superfoods are both nutritious and colorful. This makes food fun, and you get creative in the kitchen. Fruityfriendly's products can be used for all meals. They are vegan friendly, natural, gluten free, kid friendly and dairy free! Look for the symbol of your product.

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